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Monday, February 1, 2016

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ventura - ENGLISH - September 29 - October 1, 2017

Retreat Dates: September 29 - October 1, 2017
Retreat Director: Fr. Jim Clarke
1. Fr. Jim Clarke
2. Deacon Greg and Tina Halamicek
3. Deacon Paul and Keena Mae Rayas
4. Deacon Ron and Barbara Sanchez
5. Deacon Mike and Martha Hidalgo
6. Deacon Guillermo and Sylvia Betancourt
7. Deacon Tomas and Sylvia Garcia - No Sunday Brunch
8. Deacon Jim and Karen Allgaier - No Sunday Brunch
9. Deacon Frank and Marsha Gonzalez - No Sunday Brunch
10. Deacon Phil and Mary Nelson
11. Deacon Joseph and Audrey Hamamoto
12. Deacon Santiago and Lupe Salas - ADA Room Requirement
13. Deacon Dan Revetto (Single)
14. Deacon Vince and Marilou Crawford
15. Deacon Marciano and Vivian Enriquez
16. Deacon Shane and Olga Cuda
17. Deacon Tom and Pat Halliwell
18. Deacon Phil and Rene' Luevanos
19. Deacon Robert and Marie Schaefer
20. Deacon David and Angie Munoz
21. Deacon Dick and Pat Noon
22. Deacon Romeo and Priscilla Ligot
23. Deacon Isaac and Shari Edie
24. Deacon Jim and Teresa Carper
25. Deacon Steve and Marilyn Marsh
26. Deacon Paul and Michelle Pesqueira
27. Deacon Ricardo and Sylvia Copon
28. Deacon Jesse and Soledad Batacan
29. Deacon Philip and Terri Conforti
30. Deacon Roland and Lila Abalos
31. Deacon Mitch and Soledad Ito
32. Deacon Jaime and Audrey Abrera
33. Deacon Gus and Onie Mora
34. Deacon Leo and Fe Lacbain
35. Deacon Gus and Elena Catipon
36. Deacon Al and Rita Austin
37. Deacon Jim and Carmen Robinson
38. Deacon Sergio and Patricia Perez
39. Deacon Roberto and Velia Vazquez
40. Deacon Michael and Rose Salcedo - No Sunday Brunch
41. Deacon Richard and Diane Carmody
42. Deacon George and Mary Ann Bednar
43. Deacon Jim and Didi Egnatuk - No Sunday Brunch
44. Deacon Michael and Darlene Finocchiaro
45. Deacon Ed and Kate Mills - No Sunday Brunch
46. Deacon Michael and Lauren Burns
47. Deacon Dan and Cathy Bojorquez - No Sunday Brunch
48. Deacon Ruben and Hilda Ochoa
49. Deacon Joseph and Betty Kennedy
50. Deacon Richard and Maureen Soria
51. Deacon Charles and Cynthia Mitchell - No Sunday Brunch
52. Deacon Carl and Judy Gibboney - Not Attending due to health
53. Deacon Celso and Agnes Roxas
54. Deacon Joseph and Terry Bernal
55. Deacon Arnoldo and Zoila Lopez
56. Deacon Michael and Donna Holguin
57. Deacon Bob and Pon Seidler - No Sunday Brunch
58. Deacon Richard Morgan (Single)
59. Deacon Richard and Franca Dornan
60. Deacon Dan and Laurie Wallace
61. Deacon Randy and Michelle Saake - No Sunday Brunch
62. Deacon Pat and Jerie Coulter
63. Deacon Thien and Hanh Pham
64. Deacon Roger and Mary Ellen Faubert
65. Deacon Eudoro and Eleana Benalcazar
66. Deacon Joe and Rita Domond
66. Retreat Staff Room - Roberto, Tim & Pat
67. Retreat Staff Room - Hillmann, Rose & Steve
Assignments for Retreat Weekend:
Saturday Mass
Deacon: Pat Coulter
Reader: Mike Salcido
Eucharistic Ministers:    1. Jim Egnatuk 
                                       2. Didi Egnatuk
                                       3. Jim Carper
                                       4. Teresa Carper
Sunday Mass
Deacon: Greg Halamicek
1st. Reader: Darlene Finocchiaro
2nd Reader: Roland Abalos
Eucharistic Ministers:    1. Mike Finocchiaro
                                       2. Tina Halamicek
                                       3. Shane Cuda
                                       4. Olga Cuda
Liturgy of the Hours - Presider (Presider will be responsible for getting all persons needed for prayer)

Friday Evening: Tom Halliwell
Saturday Morning: Gus Catipon
Saturday Evening: Al Austin
Sunday Morning: Paul Rayas
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Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Oxnard - ENGLISH - October 20-22, 2017

Retreat Dates: October 20-22, 2017
Retreat Director: Fr. Patrick Martin
1. Fr. Pat Martin
2. Deacon Peter and Janet Brause - No Sunday Brunch
3. Deacon Ryan and Wynsdey Adams
4. Deacon John and Leslie Dierking
5. Deacon Michael and Sandra Kromm No Room +  No Sunday Brunch
6. Deacon Michael and Mary Lujan
7. Deacon David and Lisa Rose
8. Deacon Francisco and Angela Ye
9. Deacon Vincent Kelch (Single) - No Room
10. Deacon Peter and Teresa Chu
11. Deacon Douglas and Phyllis Cremer
12. Deacon Chris and Kitty Ryan - No Sunday Brunch
13. Deacon Rey and Lally Guiao
14. Deacon Santiago and Virginia Gorospe
15. Deacon Brian and Sherry Clements
16. Deacon Bob and Patty Miller
17. Deacon Wayne Rascati (Single)
18. Deacon Jorge and Amelia Ramos
19. Deacon Trinidad Andrade (Single)
20. Deacon John Sprissler (Single)
21. Deacon Neil and Pamela Kingsley
22. Deacon Ricardo Villacorta (Single)
23. Deacon Serj and Alice Harutunian
24. Deacon Mike Betliskey (Single) - Requires ADA Accommodations - cancelled 10/18/17
25. Deacon Ray and Denise Camacho
26. Deacon Dale and Linda Reynolds
27. Deacon Stephen and Silvia Montross
28. Deacon Walt and Sue Lauderdale
29. Deacon Robert Maciel (Single)
30. Deacon Ricardo and Isela Mora
31. Deacon Michael Morgan (Single)
32. Deacon Larry Lopez (Single)
33. Deacon Art and Celia Gonzalez
34. Deacon Dave Smith (Single)
35. Deacon Milton and Virginia Rosenberg
36. Deacon Jason Miller (Single)
37. Retreat Staff Room - Tim and Pat Roberto
38. Retreat Staff Room - Steve and Rose Hillmann

Assignments for Retreat Weekend:
Saturday Mass
Deacon: Ryan Adams
Reader: Chris Ryan
Eucharistic Ministers:    1. Bob Miller
                                       2. Patty Miller
                                       3. Milt Rosenberg
                                       4.Virginia Rosenberg
Sunday Mass
Deacon: Bob Maciel
1st. Reader: John Sprissler
2nd Reader: Dave Smith
Eucharistic Ministers:    1. Stephen Montross
                                       2. Silvia Montross
                                       3. Jorge Ramos
                                       4. Amelia Ramos

Liturgy of the Hours - Presider (Presider will be responsible for getting all persons needed for prayer)

Friday Evening: Michael Morgan
Saturday Morning: Doug Cremer
Saturday Evening: Michael Kromm
Sunday Morning: Neil Kingsley

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Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Oxnard - SPANISH - October 20-22, 2017

Retreat Dates: October 20-22, 2017
Retreat Director: Fr. Richard Vega
1. Fr. Richard Vega (Single)
2. Deacon Antonio and Rosario Mejia
3. Deacon Alberto and Gloria Reyes
4. Deacon Jesus and Dora Rico
5. Deacon Adan and Victoria Garcia
6. Deacon Jose and Virginia Ramirez
7. Deacon Jose and Marth Ojeda
8. Deacon Fernando and Veronica Calderon
9. Deacon Jesus and Sonia Villegas
10. Deacon Mauricio and Gilma Guerra (2nd Retreat)
11. Deacon Jesse Martinez (Single)
12. Deacon Raul and Rosario Gonzalez
13. Deacon Heriberto "Ed" Vega and Peter Lira (Peter replaces Lupe)
14. Deacon Omar and Mabel Ramos
15. Deacon Roberto and Natalia Chevez
16. Deacon Doroteo and Bertha Gonzalez
17. Deacon Rito and Silvia Lopez
18. Deacon Sergio and Ana Bertha Bernal
19. Deacon Leo and Eva Pinal
20. Deacon Miguel and Senaida Marquez
21. Deacon Claudio Selame (Single)
22. Deacon Francisco and Indiana Brenes
23. Deacon Arturo and Ofelia Godinez
24. Deacon Mario and Natividad Mejia
25. Deacon Alfredo Espinoza (Single)
26. Deacon Raul and Olivia Blanco - REQUIRES 2 QUEEN BEDS (Special needs child)
27. Deacon Jose Antonio and Maria Trujillo
28. Deacon GIlberto and Rosa Fermin
29. Deacon Roberto and Enedina Gonzalez
30. Deacon Alejandro and Sylvia Marron
31. Deacon Eudoro and Eleana Benalcazar - Retreat Staff - Spanish
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